Samurai SRPB51 Review

Seiko has as of late discharged a line of Seiko Prospex Divers intensely roused by 2004’s Seiko “Samurai.”

The accumulation denotes the non-restricted release return of what’s seemingly Seiko’s most looked for after jump watch style.

The thick, yet nice looking Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPB51 highlights a modest bunch of dial alternatives and brings back a few highlights Seiko authorities have discovered most engaging about the brand’s jumpers – and it packs a ton of highlights in considering the relative affordability.

Seiko has dependably been one of only a handful of brands that have a following that epithets their watches and that is something Seiko has embraced and excitedly taken into account. The Seiko “Samurai” first showed up in 2004 and was rapidly and apropos named after its hands, giving the ambiguous appearance of a samurai sword. It was ceased a couple of years after the fact, nonetheless gatherers have kept it coursing and acknowledging from that point onward. The Seiko Prospex SRPB09 or “The Blue Lagoon” (Wrist Time Review here) was discharged in February of this current year and rapidly sold out before I could get my hands on one – to my failure. Fourteen days back, Seiko discharged the “Orange Samurai,” giving a gesture to the first SBDA005 from days past.

Tragically, Orange isn’t a shading plan that gets my attention, regardless of Seiko making various “well known” pumpkin hued watches, so I passed. When I heard that Seiko was discharging a different line of Prospex Divers with the Samurai handset, I was delighted. I settled on the SRPB51 – the dark and dim model on an arm jewelery – and have scarcely taken it off my wrist since.

Seiko lovers were first attracted to the Samurai for its whimsical, perfect, massive handset, and a titanium case and wrist trinket choice (note: titanium isn’t accessible on these new emphasess of the jumper – they are just in steel). Not at all like the numerous many plunge watch choices from Seiko, the Samurai has worn littler and been a more refined timepiece – one that can be worn on genuine jumps or a night downtown. The precise and deliberate lines of the Samurai put the model in its very own alliance. The 2004 cycle had a boxier handset, yet the more current arrivals of the samurai have much cleaner lines and a refreshed hour hand shape. I feel that it brings a more established idea to a conceivably more up to date group of onlookers, as well as takes into account existing enthusiasts of the Seiko Samurai.